Sunday, January 8, 2012

Worlds Collide

2012 marks the tenth year I have been doing SCARED! Some were wondering if I would continue to do so after joining the cast of Haunted Collector, but that's like saying you would quit being who you are after getting a new job. I'm still very much a part of SCARED!

On this latest case for Haunted Collector, I find my two worlds overlapping. The case had a very heavy urban exploration element to it and I found myself going where the cameras would not. John and the others were taken aback at the condition of the place, but to me it was old hat. Business as usual in the life of an urban explorer...all the danger was real, all the fear was real. The mission concludes tomorrow and we'll move on to a cushier, more hospitable location, but my days of crawling in the dark are certainly not over.

Some behind-the-scenes highlights from this case so far:

• Best quote - "A question was posed in the Eighties...did they ever find out who was zoomin' who?" ~Aimee Zaffis

• Small town hospitality is alive and well, as Chris Zaffis and I got the red carpet rolled out for us at a local Italian restaurant the minute they found out who we were.

• I still have yet to execute a "night train" maneuver, but I'm hopeful for the future...

• Ten years of urban exploration does not make the cleaning of the boots any easier after a long, muddy day but it does make your bed that much more comfy to lie down in when you finally get to it.

• Brooks was here and so was Red. Now, Brian has been there too.

• Hall and Oates music has been following me and I don't mind at all.

• Wearing my full SCARED! uniform underneath some required safety gear feels like a proper nod to that which got me where I am today.

More to come...

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  1. This place looks like the places where my brother works near, creepy, sometimes when I see places like these I wonder what kind of life was happening back then, who were the people, what did they do, it is so amazing to see structure still standing for some reason, how man did not tear it down..I would also be scared to be in there fear of falling on me, specially when we go in abandon buildings here just to look around all I can think of is earthquake and that's it for me..The adventures you all take are so amazing the way it is being described, I am trying to see if I can get to Tombstone some time this summer and see what I can get, my dad , brother don't want to go so I am on my own, haha will be interesting unless I am in class then I have to wait, but it will be cool, imagine? I 'm not sure what is more interesting old buildings falling apart or occupied residents? I say old buildings falling apart:) One of this things I loved my mom tellingme before she passed, you have a big backyard out there go check it out and stop staying indoors, so I am going out my backdoor:)..thank you for sharing this and you all be safe..Blessings to all of you *Smiles*