Friday, April 20, 2012

Looking forward/looking back

Well, I'm home again. The long days and the longer nights of filming season two are behind me. Being on the job creates a puzzling dichotomy within me...I long for home, yet can't wait to get back on the road. I seem to exist neither here nor there, yet I am of both worlds. Ironic, isn't it? How much time must you spend chasing ghosts before you become one yourself?

I've been lax on updating this blog, I know. Each night upon returning to my hotel room I would ponder what I should write...what could I share? What was I allowed to share? What instances would wind up on the show and which would hit the cutting room floor? I flopped between not wanting to give away too much and not wanting to leave out any details. So there I sat, in literary limbo, ultimately deciding that I would get to it tomorrow. Several month's worth of tomorrows later and here we are. I find myself on the border, looking back at what we experienced and looking ahead to the premiere in June. Will the show chronicle exactly what I lived during those long, chill nights? Doubtful. My experience was but a fraction of the entire picture and even that would be too much to fit within an hour. But as I always like to say,
"Television is but the Cliff Notes of reality. It is entertainment meant to give the truth flash."

Come June I'm going to watch my adventures and marvel at how the edits and the soundtrack make it seem so much more epic than it really was...and sometimes it truly was epic! I'll get to see my cast mates on their adventures, running concurrently, yet separate from my own and I'll laugh and gasp and be amazed. Every week we'll shake the snow globe and see the controlled chaos brought into a pretty little vista. Perfect and conclusive. I'll probably then spend some time online fielding the inevitable questions as to why they did not show "A" or what about "B" and, "where did the girl with the eyebrows go?" I'll do my best to ignore the haters and those who complain without reason. As I look back at what we've done and look ahead to what is coming I wonder what is next?

Looking around my desk, I spy many towers of tapes piled around in relevant stacks. They whisper to me, reminding me of the projects that await finishing. "SCARED! X: Ten Years of Fear", the project we have code named "The Social Doc", "The Urban Explorer's Backpack, Vol. 2", "The Paranormal Investigator's Casebook, Vol. 2", amongst others...I hold true to my original course - SCARED! hasn't gone anywhere and will return with plenty of new material, I just have to get to it. SCARED! gave me the opportunity to be on Haunted Collector and conversely I hope my appearance on that show will get viewers to check out my older stuff and like what they see. Once again, looking forward/looking backwards.

So now that filming for HC has wrapped, what will I do with this space? I figure I'll post things after each episode to help answer show-related questions that arise. Think of it as a non-audio commentary to supplement the video portion. And for you, the five people that read my blog, feel free to ask questions. It's what I'm here for...


  1. Hello:) it will be interesting to see the show HC come back on, the rain is falling here and it makes for watching good show's, I have not heard of the show that you did before Scared. If it was on tv I never seen it, then I maybe was at night classes at that time depends when it aired? I'll try and find it see what comes up, your job is very interesting the editing part that is what I am going to class for:) Have you ever come across your work on the cases where you just went into a place and just wanted to get out, with chills and bad smells? I always wanted to see if any other person felt that way entering a place...I was bored one night I places a recorder in my kitchen and what I got was my spoons and dishes making noise, thought it was just a shift in the stuff but then the next day my bread flew off the microwave, have you encountered this on your cases as well? well let you get back to your work I read u have loads, haha.. Have a wonderful evening, off to finish my crochet:) haha..

  2. When all this is said and done, look into entertaining the masses via Marley REALLY are a great writer!