Sunday, December 4, 2011

East bound and down

It begins again, the long road that is filming for a national television show. The gang got back together tonight on the bank of the Mississippi River and shared a drink and caught up on stories of absent friends. The evening breeze blowing off the water was warm, signaling good times ahead. Season One flew by so quickly and we had a great time - but we didn't have time to stop and take note of it as it went.

So here it is. The occasional thought, deep or otherwise. My updates from the road. Tomorrow we hit our first case of Season Two.

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  1. The bridge is beautiful with the hint of the sun hitting it, to travel like that at times would be amazing all the interesting people and specially the stories they tell, I love that part..well hopefully the Wal-Mart was not packed and u went during the holidays and on the weekend..oh boy ! I went the other day, picked up a nailpolish and cream and the lady in front of me looked like she wanted to kill me,, sure what I did, maybe she didn't like the polish..can't wait to see what you can post as an update, all be safe out there..Angelina_Rose1