Friday, December 16, 2011

Third Case Completed!

Case Number Three is a wrap...just got in after a good night of merriment with the cast and crew. Our sound guys, the Gouldy's (who I thought was spelled like the precious metal because they're so valuable to us) popped and locked and got down to the beat when Michael Jackson came on. Priceless! We love those guys.

We've worked hard this past week. The case before this was in Florida and it was quite a challenge. This last case...all I can say right now is crazy! We got coverage on the local news - and I found myself in an attic filled with pigeon carcasses. Fear not, Haunted Collector fans, I do get sent into the usual places like last season. That is my specialty - given my years doing urban exploration on SCARED!, I can never deny that I do this in my spare time.

The entire team had experiences in this location - even the camera crew!

What can I say? Being back on the road with John is a blast. Me and Chris Zaffis are back in the saddle, "same as it ever was" and even Aimee is joining the investigations. We're headed to the next case tomorrow - what surprises will it bring? More to come...

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  1. That has to be cool, I can't wait to see this episode, haha yea you and Chris have the fun dirty jobs is the coolest to see things we can't explain ..just like a few days ago I was sitting here and two times my bread flew off the microwave *different days* , now that is cool, I'm waiting for it to happen again, but it might know I'm on to it always does, safe out there all :)